ProjectForge is developed as a professional and secure Software. A lot of features make your project management and daily work much easier!

Its modern architecture is very scalable and uses encrypted communication for usage over the Internet. You can start ProjectForge as a small installation (as executable for Windows, Mac or Linux) and migrate it later, if needed, on a server farm.

Your users only need a modern Internet browser. There is no need to install anything on the user’s client.

1. Main features

Feature Description

Time sheet booking

Convenient booking of the time sheets on your project tasks and issues. Templates support your team to book their work in seconds.

Data transfer tool

Share your files with other user’s as well as with your customers. Full drag and drop support and secured by password.

Task trees

Organize your company, your customers and your projects in tasks with an unlimited hierarchy. Configure, where your users should book their work.


A calendar with holidays and working days is a central view of ProjectForge. It gives you an overview of the daily work.

Team calendar

Manage and share your calendar events on all your devices and with your teams.


Visualize your tasks with Gantt diagrams to give your customer and teams a maximum of transparency.

User management

A detailed user management gives you the opportunity to manage very detailed access rights of your users.

Business objects

There are a lot of business objects such as employees, salaries, accounting records etc. Refer the demo for further details.

LDAP support

You may run ProjectForge as LDAP client or run ProjectForge as master of your user/groups administration. All changes of users, groups and assignments will be published to the LDAP server in master mode immediately after any modification. You can administrate POSIX accounts data as well (Samba accounts will be supported with the next version of ProjectForge).

2. Project Management

Feature Description


Track your project whenever you want. Consumption bars give you and your team members an overview: which tasks are on track and which tasks not.

Order book

Organize all offers with your project managers and key-accounters. Assign orders with their budgets to tasks for your project controlling.

HR planning

Make your multi-project management much easier by planning your team members on projects. So every employee and all project managers are every time up-to-date.

3. Team work

Feature Description

Address book

A central address book provides an Excel export as well as v-card exports.


Manage your books and their lend-out-states of your library with ProjectForge.

4. Plugins

Feature Description

Software License Management

A central address book provides an Excel export as well as v-card exportsYou may organize your Software licenses with ProjectForge (Adobe, Microsoft etc.). The administrators have full access to all licenses and keys, the users only to the keys of licenses to which they’re assigned. You can track the history of changes easily. Try it (within the demo system on this web site or refer the AdministrationGuide for enabling this plugin).

5. Miscellaneous

Feature Description

Full text search

With the full text search engine which is built-in you can find your data in seconds. A query syntax is provided for a customized search.


see Scripting


The Scripting engine allows the enabled users to analyze and calculate data and generate Excel exports as well as diagrams. All data of ProjectForge is accessible via scripts.


Templates used e. g. for html-formatted e-mails are internationalized in the language of the receiver and can be configured by administrators (see AdministrationGuide). Groovy is used for enabling more complex logic and embedding other templates in a convenient way. So you can define main style templates for assuring a well-defined layout and design for all the e-mails.

Mobile devices

ProjectForge is usable with mobile devices. More and more pages are optimized for devices such as iPhone, Android etc.

6. Financial administration

Feature Description


Organize your inbound and outbound invoices with ProjectForge. Assign the positions of your invoices to projects, releases etc.

Cost calculation

It’s possible to get every time you want the profit of your projects, customers etc. See which releases or project phases were successful and where you have to improve your processes.

7. Technical requirements

  • The ProjectForge server is available as a ready-to-run executable jar (for Windows, Mac, Linux and all Java-capable platforms).

  • ProjectForge is available as docker image.

  • The users only need a modern web browser to have full access to ProjectForge anywhere.