Frequently Asked Questions



  • Which browsers are supported?

    ProjectForge is developed and tested with Apple Safari, Firefox and Chrome. These browsers should work fine in their current version. The Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn’t work with all versions of ProjectForge because it’s very time-consuming to develop a version that work well with the IE. The IE is so much different to all other browsers… The use of Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended.

  • Is there any support for other data bases?

    Data bases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL-Server etc. should work with minor extensions of the class DatabaseSupport.java. Some body should test this.

  • Error messages in the log files of ProjectForge on start-up?

    You can ignore the messages “Unable to proxy method…” in the log files on start-up, they’re correct.

Financial administration with ProjectForge

Technical administration of ProjectForge

  • Start-up of ProjectForge fails due to Lucene errors.partly (e. g. half)?

    Probably ProjectForge and therefore the indexer wasn’t terminated correctly. Please feel free to remove the directories and/or files of Lucene and rebuild index via the administrator’s web page. The files are located in the ProjectForge’s application dir in the hibernate-search dir.

  • Projects, customers and some other functionalities aren't visible?

    If you really need cost-unit accounting please activate this functionality via configuration web page (it’s a config parameter. Please, don’t forget to re-login, if the menu isn’t up-to-date.) Projects and customers are only needed for cost-unit accounting. If you don’t need it, please refer the structure tree for configuring your projects: Customer -> Project -> Release -> …

  • Image pdf-logo.png not found while generating pdf files.

    Please add your logo at the given path as pdf-logo.png. Please refer the AdminstrationGuide.

  • Hypersonic - Could not insert entries to the data base.

    If the user can’t add new entries (contracts, Gantt charts, MEB entries etc.) to the data-base Hypersonic, please have a look in your ProjectForgeDB.script file. All create-table-statements should have the following entry for the primary key (pk): CREATE MEMORY TABLE T_...(PK INTEGER GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY(START WITH 1) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, ... If the script doesn’t contain GENERATED BY DEFAULT ..., please stop your ProjectForge system and edit the script file and restart ProjectForge.

  • Reset passwords

    As an administration user you can reset the user’s passwords. If you’ve lost the administrator’s password you can reset the password by updating the database entry like update t_pf_user SET password='SHA{2F1E969683DE272AC96D5AA6033E93A8CB2F283F}', password_salt=null where username='admin';

    This encrypted passwords represents ‘manage’. See the log file for encrypted passwords after login failures, if you want to set another password via sql. For HypersonicSQL shutdown the server and edit the ProjectForgeDB.script file like this: INSERT INTO T_PF_USER VALUES(1, ..., 'SHA{2F1E969683DE272AC96D5AA6033E93A8CB2F283F}',...,null,...,'admin').